Meet our Fleet

Not everyone has their own big rig. Hard to learn how to drive one if you don’t have one. High Grade Truck Driving has a solution for that. Our fleet includes several 13-speed and 18-speed Peterbilt tractors. Our vehicles are well maintained and ideal for driver instruction. We include the use of our fleet along with our training courses.

Big rig, 18-wheelers, semi-trucks, semi-tractors, highway tractors. There are a number of names for these drivable power units. Where does the semi come from? We are happy that you asked. It has its origin referring to the trailers that these trucks pull. These trailers have a rear axle or axles but do not have a front axle or axles. The rear wheels of the tractor act as the front wheels of the trailer. The trailer is not fully trailing behind the tractor, so it was called a semi (1/2) trailer. Now you know the rest of the story.

We also have a variety of trailers. 48-foot and 53-foot reefer vans and High Boy flat trailers. The trailers enable hands-on teaching of load securing and safety inspections. We even have a cattle liner to round out our selection.

We haven’t forgotten about the requirements of Class 5 students. Most people learn how to drive a car before they actually own a car. We have cars for you too. We have the latest model, well-maintained cars available for your class 5 driver training.

Our fleet changes from time to time. We invite you to visit this page again. See if the vehicle that you trained in is featured on this page.