Class 1A and 3A Courses

Class 1A – Professional Driving Course

Class 1 licences represent a professional driver designation. They are required by professional drivers and entitle them to drive semi-tractors having trailers in excess of 4,600 kg. Applicants must be at least 18-years of age and not a novice driver. You must also be medically fit and have successfully graduated from Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT).

High Grade Truck Driving can train you. This course can be taken as 2 separate components if desired. An in-class, theory portion and a behind the wheel portion when the time suits the student. 

Our fleet includes several 13-speed and 18-speed Peterbilt tractors. Our vehicles are well maintained and ideal for driver instruction. We include the use of our fleet along with our training courses.

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Class 3A –
Driving Course

To hold a Class 3 licence, one must be at least 18-years of age and not a novice driver. You must also be medically fit. Class 3 licences allow you to operate a vehicle with more than two axles. It allows towing, up to 4,600 kg, Operation of class 1 and 2 vehicles as a learner, with learner’s permit. 1-week program $2600 plus GST, 2-week program $5200 plus GST.

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Air brakes are found on larger, heavy vehicles. Semi tractors generally have air brakes systems. Drivers must have an Air Brake Endorsement on their licence to drive these vehicles. Our course covers everything you need to know from the manual and, hands-on training with actual Air Brake systems. This is a 1-Day course and includes practical SGI Exam. $250 plus GST.

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You must have an Air brake endorsement on your driver’s licence to drive a vehicle equipped with an air brake system.

If you don’t have your A Endorsement, you can only drive a vehicle with air brakes as a learner as long as:

You’re driving with someone who has the A Endorsement on their licence, and your licence allows you to drive that specific vehicle under normal conditions. If you’re driving a Class 3 or 5 vehicle licensed as a farm truck you don’t need an air brake endorsement.

Test for your endorsement:

If you pass these tests, you can have the A Endorsement added to your licence and then you can drive vehicles with air brakes.

1. Air brake exam

This computer-based exam tests your understanding of information in the Air Brake Manual.
Passing grade: 80%
Cost: $25


Book and pre-pay online with MySGI, or call or visit a motor licence issuer.

Tests are held at a driver exam office. Walk-ins are accepted in Regina and Saskatoon Central offices but elsewhere you need to make an appointment.

2. Practical test

In this hands-on test, your driver examiner will ask you to show your knowledge of how the air brake system works and to show how to adjust a manual slack adjuster on a brake model. You also have to tell the examiner the right way to adjust an automatic slack adjuster. This is all done in a parked, suitable air-brake vehicle that you provide (someone can drive it there for you or you can come with a supervising driver).

Passing grade: 3 or fewer demerits
Cost: $55


Pay for your test at a motor licence issuer and call 1-844-TLK-2SGI (1-844-855-2744) to book, or call 1-844-TLK-2SGI (1-844-855-2744) to book and pay by credit card


Validate your endorsement at a motor licence issuer. Pay your $15 fee. You can now drive vehicles with air brakes without a supervising driver.


You can schedule another test as soon as the following day. Keep on studying.

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